Do Fish Tanks Attract Roaches? What You Need to Know

It is true that fish tanks can attract roaches – these pests are attracted to moist, humid areas and standing water, which many fish tanks have. Additionally, waste from the fish tank often accumulates over time and provides roaches with all the sustenance they need. The warmth, wetness, and nourishment provided by a fish tank are ideal for cockroaches to thrive in.

As a result, it is important to take steps to protect your fish tank from becoming an inviting environment for roaches. Clean out your tank regularly and keep your area free of any food or other potential sources of nourishment that may attract them.

do fish tanks attract roaches

Why Are Roaches Attracted To Fish Tanks

Fish tanks can attract roaches due to several factors. Roaches and other bugs are attracted to the heat that is generated near an aquarium, as well as any moisture in the air. These areas also provide ideal hiding spots for these pests to populate, and the build-up of food and waste from fish may be a temptation too hard for them to resist.

1. Heat

Heat is a major factor in why roaches are attracted to fish tanks. They love staying near warm spaces, which keeps them more comfortable and safe from cold weather. In a fish tank, the water heater, lights, air stone, and wires regulate the temperature and provide roaches with access to both heat and moisture.

Even if there is no actual standing water around, the warmth provided can still be attractive enough for roaches so you’ll find them inside, around fittings, and even at the base of the tank. For this reason alone it’s important to be aware of keeping your tank warm and monitored – so that you don’t run into any unwanted roach guests!

2. Moisture

Roaches are drawn to areas with high moisture levels, which is why fish tanks can often attract them. Even if your aquarium has a tight seal, roaches still have many potential sources of moisture that they can seek out. Anything from small leaks to someone spilling while cleaning the tank or even water escaping from the filter when the level is too low can make an inviting environment for pests.

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The amount of humidity and warmth in these areas gives roaches an ideal place to hide and thrive. So, if you want to prevent an infestation near your fish tank, be sure it’s sealed properly and clean up any spills right away.

3. Hiding Spots

One of the biggest reasons that fish tanks attract roaches is the number of hiding spots it offers. When threatened, roaches will look for hiding spots, and a fish tank can provide them with several potential areas. The back, under the hood, within the wiring, and in any cracks along the filter or stand all provide them with great hiding spots – making it almost impossible to find them.

These areas also offer sustenance for the roaches. Any crumbs or fish food that end up around the stand or cabinet can easily provide them with food, as these areas are usually left undisturbed. It’s easy for these pests to remain undetected for a long time in this environment – which makes it even more important for people to give their fish tanks a regular thorough cleaning!

4. Food and Waste Build-Up

Food and waste build-up in a fish tank can be an attraction for roaches. With the abundance of fish food, roaches will flock to the tank for a gourmet treat. This can be due to leaving the food container open or spilling some on the surface of the tank, providing a feast for these critters.

In addition to food, there can also be calcium build-up, waste from the fish, and growth of algae present in aquariums that further fuel roach presence by providing nourishment and sustainability. So it’s important to keep your tank clean and tidy to keep those unwanted guests away!

Where Do Roaches Hide In Fish Tanks

Roaches are attracted to dark, moist areas; so the best places to check for roaches in your aquarium are usually around the corners of the tank, behind it, underneath its hood, around/under its cording, and in its filter.

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They may also hide in a cabinet or stand near the tank, on the floor around it in a corner, wherever you store your fish food, and even in baseboards or wall molding close by. By checking these areas regularly for signs of an infestation, you can help ensure that your aquarium remains free from any unwelcome visitors!

How Do You Find the Roaches Around the Fish Tank

Where to look for roaches near your aquarium? It’s not hard, but you’ll need to be careful. Start by using a flashlight and hunting around the tank for potential signs of roaches: egg sacs which will be small, white, and clustered under the surface, as well as droppings, which will be cylindrical and brown.

You should also take out the filter and give it a good clean – make sure to check for any eggs or exoskeletons, too. If you’re still unsure if there are roaches around, try lifting off the hood from your fish tank. This can be a cozy place for them to live in and you may actually spot some roaming around! Lastly, keep an eye out for any dead roaches under the hood near the lights.

How Do You Get Rid of Roaches From Your Fish Tank

When it comes to getting rid of roaches from your fish tank, there are a few things you can do. First and foremost, locate the possible entry points around the home. Look for any small gaps or holes where they may have sneaked in from such as windows, doorways, and sinks both in the kitchen and bathroom.

Pay special attention to anywhere water gathers, such as drainage areas. Also, give your home a good clean-up to remove any dust or dirt where they may have made their homes.

In addition to that you could use bug bombs, sprays, insect traps, and repellents. However, when using these it’s important to keep everyone away from the area – including your fish so if necessary move them into another room during the fumigation process. Once the fogging is complete make sure you thoroughly clean all surfaces of the fish tank before reintroducing your fish back inside!

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Lastly, if these methods don’t seem to be working then call a pest control service near you that has all the equipment needed to fix this problem once and for all – but again ensuring the whole tank is cleaned properly before adding those babies back in!


Do Fish Tanks Attract Bugs?

Yes, fish tanks can attract bugs. Fish tanks provide moisture and food for many nuisance insects, such as fruit flies, fungus gnats, small ants, and more. The water from the tank can create puddles behind the fish table which may attract other types of bugs like mosquitoes.

Can Fish Eat Roaches?

No, it is not recommended to feed cockroaches to fish. Cockroaches can harbor harmful parasites and bacteria that can be passed on to the fish. It is best to find more appropriate sources of food for your fish.

How Do I Prevent Roaches From Getting Into My Fish Tank?

To prevent roaches from getting into your fish tank, there are several steps you can take. First, regularly check your tank to make sure no roaches have made their way inside. Keep the back of the filter clean to eliminate potential hiding spots. Always keep the lid of the tank securely covered. When feeding your fish, be sure to clean up any spilled food promptly. By following these measures, you can minimize the risk of a roach infestation in your fish tank.


In conclusion, it’s important to be aware that fish tanks can attract roaches if the tank isn’t kept clean and free of food spills. However, if you practice good maintenance practices by cleaning your tank regularly and avoiding overfeeding, then you should have a healthy aquarium for years to come – without the threat of unwanted visitors! With these simple steps, you’ll ensure that your tank is an inviting environment for aquatic wildlife instead of insects.