Do Catfish Eat Goldfish

Catfish and goldfish are two types of fish that can often be seen at pet stores, but many people wonder if catfish will eat goldfish. The answer to this question is yes, catfish can and do eat goldfish. This is because catfish are omnivorous predators, meaning they consume both plants and animals as part of their diet.

In this article, we’ll look at the specific ways that catfish prey on goldfish and what measures you can take to protect your little swimming friends from being devoured by these larger species of fish. We’ll also look at other things that catfish like to eat and how to feed them properly in your own tank or aquarium.

do catfish eat goldfish

Do Catfish Eat Goldfish

The question of whether catfish will eat goldfish depends on the size of both fish. Generally speaking, if the goldfish is smaller than the catfish in size, then the catfish may eat it. When the catfish and goldfish are similar in size, there is a low probability of the catfish eating the goldfish.

So it is important to be aware that when adding a catfish and a goldfish to a fish tank, you should make sure that your particular type of catfish won’t grow big enough to endanger and consume your smaller goldfish. Otherwise, you might find yourself with one less fish in your aquarium!

What Kinds of Fish Live with Goldfish

When it comes to finding the perfect tank mates for your goldfish, there are many different kinds of fish you can choose from. From the White Cloud Mountain Minnow to the Zebra Danio, these fish offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and make great additions to any goldfish aquarium.

Other fish that work well with goldfish include Platy, Black Skirt Tetra, Bloodfin Tetra, Checker Barb, Corydoras Catfish, Giant Danio, Gold Barb, Hillstream Loach, Japanese Rice Fish, Murray River Rainbow Fish, Rosy Barb, Scissortail Rasbora and Weather Loach (aka Dojo Loach).

Can Catfish Live with Goldfish

Absolutely! Both types of fish can happily co-exist in the same tank as long as there is enough space, hiding places, and a lack of other fish species that could potentially cause aggression or competition. Plus, Corydoras catfish make a perfect addition for tanks filled with small goldfish – like fancy goldfish – that only reach about 4 inches in length.

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It is also important to note, however, that each type of fish prefers different temperatures. Goldfish do best in waters between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit (18-22 degrees Celsius) while most catfish prefer to be swimming in slightly warmer waters – up to 77°F (25°C). Keeping these two conditions in mind will ensure your aquatic pets are living their happiest and healthiest life.

Are Catfish Aggressive to Goldfish

Are Catfish Aggressive to Goldfish? Well, it depends on the species of catfish. The red-tailed catfish are known for being territorial and becoming aggressive when their living space is threatened, so be sure to do your research before putting any two species together in a tank.

In general, if you decide to mix the two, be sure to provide enough room in the tank and hiding places to ensure each fish can find a spot where they feel safe away from aggression by another fish. You should also make sure there are various food sources and enough space for each type of fish so that competition and aggression between them are minimized.

Can Catfish Eat Goldfish Food

The answer is yes – catfish can eat goldfish food. In fact, both types of fish can benefit from the nutrition found in commercially available goldfish food. Although goldfish are omnivores and catfish are usually herbivores, providing them with this type of food ensures optimal health for your pet catfish.

However, it’s important to also provide variety in their diet – including live or frozen foods like worms and brine shrimps as these can help round out their dietary needs. Depending on the particular species of catfish that you have in your tank, you should research the individual requirements they have so you can make sure they get a balanced diet overall.

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All in all, goldfish and catfish can co-exist peacefully in the same tank – as long as you consider each of their size and temperament preferences along with water temperature and dietary requirements when making tanks mates selections!

What Kind of Fish Does Catfish Eat

When it comes to which type of fish catfish eat, the answer largely depends on what species of catfish and what is widely available in their respective environment. Generally speaking, most catfish are omnivores and consume a variety of small fish, like mollusks, insects, crayfish, snails, clams, and frogs.

They may also feed on shrimp, tadpoles, and some plants such as algae. Additionally, various types of catfish have different preferences as far as their diet is concerned. However, they will typically eat whatever food source is easy to access in the environment.

What Do Catfish Eat in the Wild

In the wild, catfish are versatile eaters and will consume whatever they can fit in their mouths. Young catfish start off feeding on algae, insects, and fish eggs. As they grow bigger, they move on to snails, plants, and other smaller aquatic animals. Adult catfish have been known to feed on frogs and other larger animals that come across their path.

Catfish also eat live fish when presented with the opportunity, and have even been spotted scavenging for stray animals on occasion. But whatever their size or age, catfish are opportunistic feeders and can adapt to a wide variety of prey as long as it fits in their mouths.


What Fish Eat Goldfish?

Larger fish, such as Bass, Carp, Catfish, Trout, and Northern Pike, feed on Goldfish. Largemouth Bass and Sunfish do too, occasionally Cichlids and Sturgeons.

Do Goldfish Eat Catfish?

It is not common for goldfish to prey on catfish, but in some cases, the goldfish may attempt to eat a smaller catfish if it is very hungry.

Do Catfish Eat other Catfish?

Catfish are highly territorial fish that can consume other catfish. They aren’t particular when it comes to feeding, and although not their usual option, they could still end up consuming each other.

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Do Catfish Eat Dead Fish?

Catfish are known to consume dead fish, algae, and other dead animals. They can adapt their feeding habits to their surroundings; if necessary, they will feed on non-living sources of food. It does not make a difference for catfish whether their food is alive or not.

Do Catfish Eat Turtles?

Catfish can consume whole baby turtles due to their large mouths. Baby turtles’ shells cannot protect them from the big catfish. Catfish do not use biting to feed but would rather choose to swallow their food, making it easy for them to consume baby turtles.

Do Catfish Eat Koi?

Catfish have the potential to consume koi if their size is larger. It is important to consider this when selecting fish for an aquarium as a full-sized adult catfish should not be combined with any koi.

Do Catfish Eat Guppies?

Catfish may consume guppies if they are in close proximity, as guppies are a smaller type of fish that can be easily eaten by catfish. Therefore, it is advised to keep catfish separate from smaller fish species in an aquarium.

Do Catfish Eat Bass?

The size of the catfish and bass can indicate the predatory capabilities of the catfish against the bass. It is not unusual for catfish to feed on bass if they are bigger than it. Catfish do not discriminate and will happily consume bass if they cannot locate any other food.


In conclusion, while it is possible for catfish to eat goldfish, goldfish are not a usual part of their diet. Catfish prefer a varied diet of animals and plants which is better for their health and will give them the nutrition they need.

If you plan to house both catfish and goldfish together in an aquarium, be sure to include plenty of feeders that are specifically designed for each species. With the right care, your fish will stay healthy and happy!